From Wheels to Walking

Lady Josephine Beatrix Von Snugglebottom was brought to Sunset Cliffs Animal Hospital in September of 2015, suffering from severe spondylosis and spinal cord compression. She was approximately 6 months old at the time and had been unable to use her back legs for about one month. Shortly after Jojo’s arrival, Dr. Berg ordered her a wheelchair from K9 Carts and she was able to get around quite successfully .

Jojo’s first surgery was scheduled with California Veterinary Specialists in October. Dr. Jamie Wignall performed a laminectomy, which relieved the pressure on Jojo’s spine and aided in preventing any further damage.

Jojo would then go on to receive daily laser therapy and weekly acupuncture treatments. There was noticeable improvement in the strength in her legs, and she was able to hold herself up unassisted by the end of November. In December Jojo received stem cell therapy through VetStem, a Poway-based biomedical company. Soon after that she was able to run through the hospital without her wheels and she hasn’t stopped since!

Jojo is often found behind the front counter bossing the staff around and making sure everyone knows she is here. Feel free to stop by anytime to say hi and check out her progress!

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