October 29th is National Cat Day!

Celebrate Cats and Their Epic Awesomeness!

Reasons Cats Are Awesome

1. Kittens.

Do we need to say more?

2. Boxes and bags are THE BEST. 

You spent hundreds of dollars on cat furniture and toys? We’ll just play with the box, thanks.

3. Sandpaper tongues.

When they lick you with their weird little sandpaper tongues, you know what true love feels like.

4. Boops.

You woke me up at 4:00a, but I’m not even mad.

5. They’re super freaks.

They freak out at inanimate objects and its hilarious.

6. Their sleeping faces are so adorable.

I just want to squeeze their little cheeks.

7. 3 am crazy time.

Because 3 am is the perfect time for exercising, duh!

8. They have no regrets. 

They’ll act like jerks, and have no remorse about it.

9. Their contortionism abilities are mesmerizing.

How the heck do they do that? And how is that even comfortable?

10. They’re so fluffy!

They are the best little pillows of softness to snuggle with.

11. Two word: laser pointer.

Get the dot!!!

12. Despite what the haters say, they really do love you. 

Cats are amazing, quirky companions, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.